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Answering the door, I’m pleasantly surprised, perhaps even shocked to see you standing there.
“I’ve come for that massage you promised” you confide.
I invite you in, I’m about to offer you a coffee but you look down the corridor and ask “which room?”
I try to act confident, which is not how I’m feeling, and lead you to the family room, the one with the king-sized bed. You have a quick look round, take of your jacket, start unbuttoning your top, while asking “Where do you want me?”
I’m excited but really nervous and blurt out “I’ll just get some massage oil”
With that I leave the room, almost running down the hall, refusing to pinch myself because if this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. When I return you are already naked, lying face down on the bed. You turn and smile at me “Ready when you are.”
I nervously pour some massage oil on to my hands, and then I start to massage your shoulders working out the knots and releasing the tension in them, as I also begin to relax. I pick up the oil and I’m about to pour some on your back, when you turn and say “This is nice but it’s really not fair that I’m the only naked person in this room”
I take the hint and undress, hardly daring to take my eyes of you as I do. Naked now I dribble some oil on your back and climb on the bed, I kneel astride you and slowly but firmly massage your back, my hands working in little circles down your spine. then luxurious long strokes up and down your back, my hands would brush against the side of your breasts now and then. I'm getting excited, so I pick up the massage oil and dribble it over your bum and start to work it into your cheeks, while leaning over and kissing your back. Parting your cheeks, I can’t resist kissing your bum, my tongue probing your tight little arsehole. You let out a little moan and then turn over, asking me to do your front.
I sit up and take in the sight of your naked body, my****is throbbing as I dribble oil on your breasts and if I enjoyed massaging your bum it's nothing compared to the delight of massaging your oiled up chest. You look up at me and invite me to **** your tits, I want to carry on massaging your breasts but how can I resist such an invitation, so I push my****between them as you bring your hands up and squeeze them together. God it feels so good but after a few strokes I withdraw, knowing that to carry on any more would mean that I wouldn’t stop till I had splattered hot cum all over you. Instead I lean down to kiss your breasts. I tease your nipples with my mouth for a while, gently sucking them as my tongue flicks across them. Again I'd enjoy that too much, my hand feeling one breast as my fingers tease your nipple, my mouth and tongue on the other. Eventually my hand would, reluctantly, leave your breast and slowly move down your body reaching your pubic hair and gently stroking it, before my mouth follows kissing you on the tummy, then breathing heavily on your pubes as my hands push your thighs apart, I start to kiss your thighs, little licks never quite reaching your ****. I look up so I can watch your face as my tongue eventually finds your ****, running gently up your lips.
My tongue would circle round your **** for a while before finding your clit, licking you just underneath it as my fingers slide into your hot wet ****. I'm so turned on my****is throbbing, want to make you cum with my mouth and fingers, my other hand reaching up to play with your breasts. It's so good pleasuring you like this could go on for hours. Instead you moan and gasp “My bag, there’s a vibrator in it, Ohhh, get it for me.” I do and quickly get back on the bed, kneeling beside you I push it into your sopping wet ****, you gasp as I turn on the clit stimulator, then you reach up and grab my rock hard****and pull it towards your mouth. I can hardly keep myself from coming as you take my****into your mouth, sucking on it bulbous head as your tongue teases me. I somehow manage not to come before an orgasm ripples through your body. Your head falls back onto the pillow, leaving my proud member stranded in mid air, your hips buck and you cry out with pleasure. Lying, still on the bed, you turn to me and say “**** me!” and with that you turn over on to all fours, I position myself behind you and guide my****into your hot wet ****. As I do you push back onto me and bring a hand up to play with your clit. I’m ready to explode and grab your hips as I ram my****in as far as it will go, I thrust hard and fast, feeling your bum slap against me with every stroke, until a wave of pleasure runs through my body and I explode inside of you.
We both collapse on the bed, exhausted but satisfied. Maybe it’s time for that coffee now?
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